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The Great Gatsby

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Gatsby? What Gatsby?

Of all the reads in our collection Gatsby is one that will forever retain a space, a locked room, in the chamber of my own heart; and of course, no amount of fire or freshness can challange what a man will store up in his ghostly heart.

This novel. I am lost for words; for there could perhaps be no other more elegant, charming and convivial arrangement of the english language on page to describe both everything and nothing. This novel is a beacon, a distant green light flickering in the night. A star amidst in the cold ether filaments, an ember ablaze in ash and coal. A falling leaf in a season crisp and clean, a forever out stretched hand toward something forgotten always yearning for a new. Fitzgerald leaves here a story forever marked under his name for eternity. Gatsby? What Gatsby? Indeed.

A book of longing, dreams and desire. A stunning work or poetic precision and style. A truly beautiful masterful piece of literature.


  • title: The Great Gatsby
  • author: F. Scott Fitzgerald 
  • publication: 1925
  • style: Paperback
  • condition: Good vintage condition
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