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For Whom The Bell Tolls

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American Robert Jordan, a demolitions expert, is assigned by the Soviet Union to a unit of the Republican geurilla corp during the Spanish Civil War. His mission to aid against the facist forces of Francisco Franco. A story of the brutality of war, power, people, pride and patriotism; perhaps even more prudently a novel of love and devotion. A one of a kind story, a story of multitudes wrapped so elegantly in the picturesque and diverse beauty of regional North Western Spain. 

Another of Hemingway’s great works. A vivid story that reveals and says as much about humanity as it does inhumanity. 

Very luckliy, I was able to pair reading this book with a trip through my favourite part of Northern Spain it made for an excellent traveling companion.

  • title: For Whom The Bell Toll
  • author: Ernest Hemingway
  • publication: 1940
  • style: Paperback
  • condition: Average vintage condition
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