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All vintage orders will arrive to you in a reusable cotton cloth pouch.

All vintage orders will arrive to you in a reusable cotton cloth pouch.

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Death In The Afternoon

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The aficianado(/a)'s pocket book. Hemingway, perhaps the greatest aficinado of all time, transposes fluently his master craft on the craft of old masters; the toreadors and their Bull Fight. Perhaps there is a little more than meets the eye regarding this collection of observations, insights and nomancloture. Hemingway's time and experiences are immbecably written; captured with a proficiency and precision; wrestled and worn; a word flamenco danced with such finesse and poise, a writing faena finished with elegance and honor just as one would expect from the great toreadors of old in their own plazas des torros.

Integrity, passion, resilience, spontaneity, sorrow, joy, dust, hard sun and shadows, heat and harrows. A precious whirling rebolera, a pantomime of beauty, life and of course death is all transcribed between these covers. As much a codex on all things Corrida; as there is to know about the art of writing itself.

An index of extraordinary detail, a descriptive and mesmerising account of Hemingway's great passion - I suppose you'll have to decide to of which I am to referring at it's end.

  • title: Death In The Afternoon
  • author: Ernest Hemingway
  • publication: 1932
  • style: Paperback
  • condition: Good vintage condition
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