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Cannery Row

One of Steinbeck’s greatest short stories. Follow Mack and the Boys, stumble down their chicken run out back in the shipping yard, down at the Palace Flop House, take a sip on Old Tennis Shoes with Lee Chong or maybe a swig of Ida’s Bar Punch if you got the guts, Mister. Sit around tell lies, smoke cigarettes and philosophise. A perfect fable, or perhaps not even so - that’s for you and the Boy’s to scratch about. Either way, a rich tale with liberal dashing’s of Steinbeck humour and misplaced good will. Steinbeck creates the perfect imperfect little world, just outside of Monterey, California – Cannery Row.

A serious contender – a perfect little read worth every word. A short masterpiece on par with ‘Of Mice And Men’, certainly in terms of quality and importance if you ask me - but aye, who’s asking?

In synopsis, a damn good hoot, not to be missed for the Steinbeck follower and you’ll be leaving with something – whatever that might be you can find.

P.S Keep an eye out for Steinbeck’s sophomore return to the Row with an exquisite second attempt to further immortalise these chosen delinquents in Cannery Row’s follow up, ‘Sweet Thursday’.

  • title: Cannery Row
  • author: John Steinbeck
  • publication: 1945
  • style: Paperback
  • condition: Good vintage condition
  • €22,00
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