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Les Belles Affaires is a constant search for unique vintage which bring us a story about a time bygone. Inspired by artists, musicians and muses, fields and country, 1950s, 1960s and 1970s history and women. Les Belles Affaires is a way of life, somewhere in between time, somewhere far away but somewhere not too distant.

Our fondatrice, Margaux Louise, a Parisian whom relocated from France to Australia in more formative years, found there a love and admiration for country living; and of course it’s fashion. Dusty plateaus, native flowers and open wild country gave Les Belles Affaires it’s defining characteristics, it’s founding member and her enduring passion for all things vintage.

Along her years, with time spent between Australian country and the elegant Parisian streets, Margaux Louise has nurtured her endless love for vintage clothing, an unfaltering love for hours spent sourcing at local markets, a love of time and timelessness.

Les Belles Affaires is the pursuit of life, of love, of happiness, of simplicity, of serene, of farm, of country, of Paris, of old streets, of open plains, of art, of music, of fashion and of course the flowers. Our mission is to bring others a small piece of this life, our life, the joy of a perfect mini 60s crochet dress, a unique Edwardian blouse, a pair of 70s high rise jeans. Les Belles Affaires is us.